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6 oz Injection Kit w/TS1WP & 600-300 Installed

Standard Lead Time:20 days

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The Techkit is a compact and simple method of packaging two or three component resin systems into a 2.5oz (74ml), 6oz (177ml), 8oz (237ml), 20oz (591ml) or 1/10 gallon (325ml) cartridge.

The kit mechanically separates the base and hardener until they are ready to be used. An internal mixing head provides a thorough blend for all types of compounds.

Use with Techcon cartridge dispensing guns. When the job has been completed, the entire package is disposed of - no clean-up or physical contact with the resin. Cost savings are achieved by reducing labor and material waste. Reliability is increased with accurate compound ratios, complete mixing, and proper application techniques.

INJECTION KIT: For compounds with a volumetric ratio of 10 parts or Less per 100. The hardener is contained inside the valve mix rod while the resin is in the cartridge.
  • Cartridge
  • Plunger
  • Flange Cap
  • Mix Head
  • Mix Rod
  • Ram Rod
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