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Pressure Pot Assy, 100 Psi Chamber 
$ 1,449.00

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Techcon Systems TS1258 pressure reservoir/tank is designed to accommodate fluids that are supplied in bottle/container form. Constant air pressure forces the fluid from the bottle through pre-installed tubing up to the point of dispense. Black fluid tubing is available for UV applications. Compression fittings are used on the lid of the pressure reservoir/tank to ensure a continuous fluid path to the dispensing valve. Air-tight seals ensure there are no leak points or air entrapment problems and that fluid touches nothing but tubing from pressure reservoir/ tank to the dispensing valve. Disposable polyethylene fluid lines can be changed quickly and easily.

Optional fluid line kits include top and bottom ferules, compression fitting, black and clear fluid lines (no clear fluid line supplied with TS1252-4MM).
Operating Pressure: 70 psi (4.8bar) max
Standard Tube Size: ¼” OD (6.35mm); included
Internal size (Imperial): 11” x 6”
Internal size (Metric): 279.4mm x 152.4mm
  • Fitted with 1/4" "through" compression fitting
  • "Fluid tubing 1/4'' (natural and black)
  • Replacement O-rings
  • Tube Clamp
  • Male and female Ferrules
  • Compression fittings (TSD1002-17 and TSD1002-18)
  • Reducer adaptor"
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