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TS5000DMP, DCX Motor, Slim Left Hand Body 

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Techcon Systems' patented Disposable Material Path (DMP) valve contains a disposable feed screw for easy maintenance and reliable dispensing. With a feed screw made of Delrin®, the valve is designed for use with two-compound and UV fluids. The DMP valve has a hinged doorway that opens easily so the disposable feed path can be removed, disposed of, and replaced within seconds while the line is still in operation. No cleaning or refurbishment of the valve is required.

The DMP-DCX-SR is the perfect valve for applications where removing the valve, for cleaning, is inconvenient and costly. With the ability to remove and replace the disposable material path, the valve maintains its accuracy over a greater period of time. With less fluid build up to reduce wear-and-tear on the motor, the valve's usable lifetime is dramatically increased.

The TS5000DMP-DCX-SR valve offers three options in feed screw pitch size, 6, 8 and 16 pitch—all DMP inserts are made available with a fixed or rotating color-coded tip collar.
  • Mounting bracket kit (including syringe bracket)
  • 30/55cc receiver head assembly
  • DIN Connector
  • Sample DMP kit – 6, 8 and 16 pitch
  • Dispensing tip selection pack

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